Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 15

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. a broad, comprehensive view, the big pictureoverviewnonea. anecdote
2. person who is equal in abilities, age or social statuspeernoneb. confiscate
3. short account of an interesting or humorous incidentanecdotenonec. draft
4. a written record or journal of events or actionslognoned. ethics
5. area of marketing with specific customers or productsnichenonee. expedite
6. any stage in the development of a document or plandraftnonef. jittery
7. attempt to sell, promote, or advertisepitchnoneg. juggle
8. cause something to be done more quicklyexpeditenoneh. log
9. based on practical considerationspragmaticnonei. lucrative
10. feeling nervous or behaving nervouslyjitterynonej. meager
11. deficient; lacking fullness or richness; scantymeagernonek. moonlight
12. have a second job in addition to your main jobmoonlightnonel. niche
13. moral beliefs and rules about right and wrongethicsnonem. overview
14. slightly surprise or frightenstartlenonen. path
15. take something away, usually as a punishmentconfiscatenoneo. peer
16. the power of springing back to an original positionresiliencenonep. pervasive
17. the route which a course or message followspathnoneq. pitch
18. try to give attention to multiple items at oncejugglenoner. pragmatic
19. very profitable, or bringing in lots of moneylucrativenones. resilience
20. widespread; spread throughoutpervasivenonet. startle

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