Phrasal Verbs Quiz 4

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. anticipate with pleasurelook forward tononea. back up
2. audition; test or experimenttry outnoneb. bring about
3. become informed of the latest news catch up (on)nonec. catch up (on)
4. cause something to happenbring aboutnoned. come up with
5. change a number to its closest approximationround offnonee. cross out
6. continue; refuse to give uphang onnonef. get around to
7. dissembletake apartnoneg. get through
8. draw a line through somethingcross outnoneh. hang on
9. exchangetrade innonei. look forward to
10. find time to do somethingget around tononej. look into
11. finish; complete an activityget throughnonek. narrow down
12. flip to the other side; give control to someoneturn overnonel. pay back
13. focus a topic narrow downnonem. round off
14. investigate, explorelook intononen. run out (of)
15. move in reverse; supportback upnoneo. slip by
16. originate or think of an ideacome up withnonep. straighten up
17. pass unnoticedslip bynoneq. take apart
18. return payment; take revengepay backnoner. trade in
19. tidy up; correct one's behaviorstraighten upnones. try out
20. use up the total supplyrun out (of)nonet. turn over

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