Prepare Your Relationship for a Baby

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Watch the video and answer the questions below.
Prepare your Relationship for a Baby

1. Having a baby can be ___________________.
A blessing1Correct
2. The challenges of having a baby ________________.
Won’t change the relationship0Incorrect
Can fool a husband and wife0Incorrect
Can pull a couple apart1Correct
3. What are some practical steps a couple can take?
Find a reliable baby sitter now0Incorrect
Decide to have regular date nights0Incorrect
Invest in each other before the baby arrives0Incorrect
All of the above1Correct
4. The best thing you can do for a child is to
Love each other first1Correct
Hug the mother first0Incorrect
Give the baby everything0Incorrect
5. The main idea of this article is
A baby changes everything in a relationship.0Incorrect
Couples need to prepare before the baby arrives.1Correct
Husbands and wives will have difficulty with a new baby.0Incorrect

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