Making Better Food Choices at a BBQ

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Watch the video and answer the questions below.
Making Better Food Choices at a BBQ

1. Hot dogs and hamburgers can be replaced with
Veggie birds0Incorrect
Grilled chicken1Correct
Buttered corn0Incorrect
2. The speaker recommends treating alcoholic drinks as
3. If you like sweet foods, the speaker recommends
Water, melons, and blueberries0Incorrect
Watermelon, berries and citrus fruits1Correct
Raspberries, cantaloupe and citrus fruits0Incorrect
All of the above0Incorrect
4. When you put on your bathing suit, you will be grateful
That you ate at a barbecue0Incorrect
That you look controlled and at ease0Incorrect
That you took control of your food choices1Correct
5. The main idea of this article is
Barbecues are a healthy way to eat during the summer.0Incorrect
What you eat at a barbecue can affect your health and weight.1Correct
You should only have certain types of drinks at a barbecue. 0Incorrect

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