Top Jobs Experiencing Growth

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Watch the video and answer the questions below.
Top Jobs Experiencing Growth

1. 1. The source of the information on these top jobs is
2. 2. Auditors and accountants are responsible for
Breaking financial records0Incorrect
Making sure taxes are paid1Correct
Keeping business on the right track0Incorrect
All of the above0Incorrect
3. 3. Marketing specialists are responsible for _________________.
The products you buy0Incorrect
The prices you pay for them0Incorrect
Both a and b1Correct
4. 4. The speaker says that the top spot for the year goes to
Computer specialists1Correct
Accountants and auditors0Incorrect
Marketing professionals0Incorrect
5. 5. The main idea of this article is
Now is the time to get a degree in computer science.0Incorrect
Accountants will be in the highest demand in 2013.0Incorrect
The upcoming year will be promising for certain professions.1Correct

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