Olympics Vocabulary Quiz

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. a metal alloy of copper and tinathletenonea. athlete
2. award given for service or victoryawardnoneb. award
3. commitment to a cause or goalbronzenonec. bronze
4. encourage, advance an idea or personcompetenoned. compete
5. get involved in an activitydedicationnonee. dedication
6. give a prize tofacilitiesnonef. facilities
7. have capability or credentialsformulanoneg. formula
8. of highest qualityhonornoneh. honor
9. place where specific activities are heldhostnonei. host
10. procedure, accepted methodinterconnectnonej. interconnect
11. quality of playing fairmedalnonek. medal
12. recognition, distinctionparticipatenonel. participate
13. represent, be symbolic ofpromotenonem. promote
14. search or pursuitpurenonen. pure
15. sponsor of an eventqualifynoneo. qualify
16. sportsman or womanquestnonep. quest
17. strive against someone for victorysportsmanshipnoneq. sportsmanship
18. tightly join, interlocksterlingnoner. sterling
19. undefiled, free from bad elementssymbolizenones. symbolize
20. young peopleyouthnonet. youth

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