Three Common Interview Questions

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Watch the video and answer the questions below.
Three Common Interview Questions

1. 1. An “ice breaker” in this context is _________________.
A company party with lots of cold beverages0Incorrect
A way to introduce your skills and knowledge1Correct
A tool to make a smashing impression0Incorrect
2. 2. The second favorite interview question relates to _______________.
Your future0Incorrect
Company culture1Correct
Your suit or dress0Incorrect
3. 3. If you see the job as a “stepping stone,” you should
Outline your plans for self-improvement1Correct
Be aware of the obstacles in your path0Incorrect
Take the opportunity to step aside0Incorrect
4. 4. What does the third question relate to?
Your behavior outside of work0Incorrect
Your knowledge of success 0Incorrect
How you will act on the job1Correct
5. 5. The main idea of this article is
Being prepared to answer typical questions can help you ace a job interview.1Correct
You will be successful if you answer job interview questions in a common way.0Incorrect
You must take the opportunity to show your common knowledge in a job interview. 0Incorrect

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