How to Turn your Passion into your Career

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Watch the video and answer the questions below.
How to Turn your Passion into your Career

1. Why is finding your passion first and foremost in this process?
It prepares you for other steps.1Correct
It can be very difficult.0Incorrect
It answers your questions.0Incorrect
2. The speaker advises about the types of jobs which________________.
Involve creative fashion.0Incorrect
Value your passion.1Correct
Change your industry.0Incorrect
3. Why is “meeting others” important?
It is necessary to bring them to the table.0Incorrect
It will likely network your neighborhood. 0Incorrect
It can bring you closer to your dream job.1Correct
4. The “starving artist route” is an example of
Being realistic about lifestyle1Correct
Stretching your money0Incorrect
Establishing artsy products0Incorrect
5. The main idea of this article is
Be pro-active in following your career dreams.1Correct
Be careful about making poor career choices.0Incorrect
Be realistic about jobs that don’t pay much money. 0Incorrect

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