Prince Lot Hula Festival - Vocabulary Exercise

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. A rhythmic string of sounds, sometimes set to musicChantnonea. Chant
2. A small house in the countrysideCottagenoneb. Cottage
3. Work or exertionEffortnonec. Effort
4. A show, public presentationExhibitnoned. Exhibit
5. Related to the face or expressionFacialnonee. Facial
6. Move smoothly or gracefullyFlownonef. Flow
7. To act, put on a showPerformnoneg. Perform
8. Maintain or keep something for later usePreservenoneh. Preserve
9. Thick blanketQuiltnonei. Quilt
10. Give reverence to something sacredWorshipnonej. Worship

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