Academic Vocabulary List 2

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. failing to give proper care or attentionnegligentnonea. affiliate
2. desire to know; inquisitive interestcuriositynoneb. analgesic
3. young, immature, youthfuljuvenilenonec. apiece
4. lawful, conforming to accepted standardslegitimatenoned. compensation
5. forced removal from one's countryexilenonee. concoct
6. an occurrence or even; happeningincidentnonef. confess
7. payment for service, loss or expensecompensationnoneg. crummy
8. one who tries to escape, runawayfugitivenoneh. curiosity
9. feeling of uneasiness, doubt or fearqualmnonei. exile
10. causing deathfatalnonej. fatal
11. not drunk; serioussobernonek. fugitive
12. admit to wrongdoingconfessnonel. hemorrhage
13. each, individuallyapiecenonem. incident
14. lousy, miserable, or worthlesscrummynonen. juvenile
15. excessive bleedinghemorrhagenoneo. legitimate
16. lacking energy or spiritlistlessnonep. listless
17. branch of medicine dealing with mental disorderspsychiatrynoneq. negligent
18. create by combining various ingredientsconcoctnoner. psychiatry
19. something used to reduce painanalgesicnones. qualm
20. associate as a memberaffiliatenonet. sober

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