Academic Vocabulary List 13

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. with great intensityardornonea. ardor
2. extremely happyblissfulnoneb. blissful
3. give reference tocitenonec. cite
4. individual home within a building of similar homescondominiumnoned. condominium
5. raise an issue directly and argumentativelyconfrontnonee. confront
6. give feedbackevaluatenonef. evaluate
7. things that need to be discussedissuenoneg. issue
8. language, usually used by a particular groupparlancenoneh. parlance
9. survey from the general populationpollnonei. poll
10. before marriagepremaritalnonej. premarital
11. segment or section, percentage of the wholeproportionnonek. proportion
12. area, locationregionnonel. region
13. social connection between peoplerelationshipnonem. relationship
14. set free, allow to go outreleasenonen. release
15. hesitation, unwillingness to do somethingreluctancenoneo. reluctance
16. a questionnaire, or a report showing results of a pollsurvey (noun)nonep. survey (noun)
17. ask questions to find out people's opinionssurvey (verb)noneq. survey (verb)
18. professional psychological counselingtherapynoner. therapy
19. not in a complimentary wayunflatteringnones. unflattering
20. get marriedwednonet. wed

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