Academic Vocabulary List 17

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. a plan for a business meetingadoptnonea. adopt
2. a tank for tropical fishagendanoneb. agenda
3. absurd, silly, laughable, nonsensicalaquarium nonec. aquarium
4. adornments made of gold, silver or precious stonesautographnoned. autograph
5. burst, or explode like a volcanocarpenternonee. carpenter
6. dead, passed awayclinicnonef. clinic
7. distance from center to outside of a circlecollision noneg. collision
8. full-time or live-in baby sitterdeceasednoneh. deceased
9. hitting with force, as in a car crashdilemmanonei. dilemma
10. inability to sleep or remain sleepingeruptnonej. erupt
11. items for sale at a storeinsomnianonek. insomnia
12. means of transportation, usually a car or truckjewelry nonel. jewelry
13. person one is married to; husband or wifemerchandisenonem. merchandise
14. person who makes things from woodnannynonen. nanny
15. place for medical treatment, smaller than a hospitalradiusnoneo. radius
16. sharp tool used for shavingrazornonep. razor
17. signature, especially of a famous personridiculousnoneq. ridiculous
18. something that protects you from the weather; housingshelternoner. shelter
19. take and raise someone else's child as one's ownspousenones. spouse
20. situation or problem with difficult solution vehicle nonet. vehicle

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