Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 2

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. a cave from which rocks or metals are extractedminenonea. adjacent
2. separating, for example, blacks and whitessegregationnoneb. analyze
3. dirt, earth, place where plants growsoilnonec. belittle
4. doubting, not believingskepticalnoned. bigoted
5. unable to moveparalyzednonee. butcher
6. self-respectdignitynonef. dignity
7. extremely frightened, terrifiedhorrifiednoneg. dismay
8. person who sells meatbutchernoneh. horrified
9. disappointmentdismaynonei. innovation
10. make something lower or inferiorbelittlenonej. mine
11. work without pay or rewardvolunteernonek. monitor
12. something which protectsshelternonel. neurotic
13. small piece of goldnuggetnonem. nugget
14. new, original way to do somethinginnovationnonen. paralyzed
15. racist, thinking oneself as better than othersbigotednoneo. rush
16. hurryrushnonep. segregation
17. crazy, having mental problemsneuroticnoneq. shelter
18. next to, nearbyadjacentnoner. skeptical
19. take something apart and examine itanalyzenones. soil
20. carefully watch over something or someonemonitornonet. volunteer

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