Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 5

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. to make known, divulge, exposedisclosenonea. alienate
2. to provide something that is desiredcaternoneb. blink
3. one who has equal standing with anotherpeernonec. carcinogen
4. a substance that is capable of poisoningtoxinnoned. cater
5. produced with poor quality workmanshipshoddynonee. disclose
6. to encourage, cultivatefosternonef. foster
7. period of one thousand yearsmilleniumnoneg. hygiene
8. sharply sloped or inclinedsteepnoneh. impede
9. to do over, reviserevampnonei. millenium
10. a cancer-causing substancecarcinogennonej. noxious
11. keen enjoyment, excitementzestnonek. peer
12. to present for acceptance, offerproffernonel. proffer
13. to slow down or interfere withimpedenonem. punctuate
14. physically harmful or destructivenoxiousnonen. revamp
15. to stress or emphasizepunctuatenoneo. seduce
16. dismal, gloomy, sombersullennonep. shoddy
17. to flash on and off; open and close the eyesblinknoneq. steep
18. to persuade someone into wrongful behavior, entice, lureseducenoner. sullen
19. to make unfriendly, hostile or indifferentalienatenones. toxin
20. conditions or practices which maintain cleanliness and good healthhygienenonet. zest

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